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September 14th, 2009

Hello all and welcome!!

Hi and welcome to my personal movie blog!! (que fanfair) Here I will blog and review my way throught every movie, tv show and more that i encounter in my movie obessed life. Not just the new releases that i see but even the oldies that i see for the frist time and the rest. And hay if you wanna come along for the ride, doors open.
Blog Comence!!

The Final Destination Review



Hi all, this is my first review (eek!) and it was in... The Third Dimension... and for £9.50 at the Vue cinema in the omni center in Edinburgh,lets i was hoping for quite a show for that kind of money. It is what i call Hollywood Horror: Not scary at all but good of unintentional laughter. It was not to bad except the price!! But alas i am thinking about money a lot right now as i moving in to uni halls in Aberdeen so wish me luck!!
But anyway, let’s get this show on the road, review commence!!

The Final Destination
cert: 15, Out now in all mainstream cinemas 3D only.
Offical site

Final Destination is a well established series by now with some established actors starting out with the series such as Ali Larter (NBC 's Heroes) and Scott Pilgrim  vs. The World star Mary Elizabeth Winstead. But if you don't know the story by now here are the main ingredients:

1. Young good looking cast of unknown actors;
2. Impossibly horrific and overly gruesome death scene/ accident that main character number one foresees in a vision;
3. Main character number one warns others and saves a group of five or six people from Impossibly horrific and overly gruesome death scene/ accident;
4. Lots of people die.

As you can see this is some good mind numbing stuff. But the franchise is on outing number four and let's just say it has got a little.... bland and predictable to say the least.

First things first in the UK cinema ticket prices for a 3D film are outrageous, change from a £10 note was only 50p!! The movie does not live up to that price tag. The accident this time that the main character (whose name i can't for the life of me remember, i would look it up but to be honest his name does not matter, it's that kind of movie.) foresees is a racing track crash that ploughs into the cheering spectators. The death and destruction is much too long and drawn out for that kind accident to be believable and after four similar accidents in one town, the life expectancy statistics would be almost at third world levels for the young and beautiful types. The 3D effects do not add anything to the movie experience except the lightening of the wallet.

But for a distracting night out this will do the job. The acting is not bad enough to be distracting and death sequences are laugh out loud awesome, but anyone looking for an engaging well thought out piece of cinema will not find it here.

Slumdog it ain't.


A good distracting piece of cinema but the Final Destination franchise does not do well on its fourth outing and in the end does not justify its extortionate price tag for almost nonexistent 3D effects.
That is a:
2 out of 5.

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